About us

       AVT CONSULT is established and initially registered in 1995 as designers’ bureau with main activity in the area of structural engineering, technical consultations and expertise. The volume of our work over the years includes not only the solution of specific and complex tasks, but also large-scale design developments in various fields of industrial, residential and office construction. In the last few years we have expanded our design activities in the field of tall buildings.


      AVT Consult pays special attention to geotechnical researches and solutions of complex and specific tasks in area of foundation of high-rise building, strengthening of deep excavations, design of reinforced of landslides, tunnel and subway constructions. Designing is carried out in partnership with the leading geotechnical experts in Bulgaria.


      The main advantages of AVT CONSULT, which distinguish our team on the Bulgarian engineering market, are as follows:

  • Quality of work due mainly to high qualified and experienced employees.

  • Many years of experience in structural design of various types of buildings and facilities.

  • Close relationships with universities and scientific societies and institutions - this gives us the opportunity to receive the necessary consultations on specific matters.

  • Many years of experience in working with international teams on different projects in Bulgaria and other countries. These teams include a partnership with architects and engineers from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Turkey and Japan.

  • Skillful use of licensed specialized software


Our team

Dr. Alexander Traykov



Teodora Kotseva-Popova

Senior Engineer

reinforced concrete structures

Neli Petrova

Senior Engineer

steel structures

Miroslav Dobriyanov


Konstantina Marinska


Raji Shouaib